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Bone Cult Japan Tour 2018

2018.9.29(sat) 19:00 - @ATHALL
前売 \1,500 / 当日 \2,000 (ドリンク代不要)

出演 : BONE CULT(Nottingham), Romantic Kiss Balcony, P.O.V. ...& more! イギリスはノッティンガムからの爆風!全身tattooのニクイ奴らBONE CULT、日本ツアーで大分に上陸!

Based in Nottingham, UK, Bone Cult are a ‘Death-Electronica’ duo, bringing a heavier sound to their energetic live set. Using a combination of distinctive masks and an incredible light show, their set is a unique experience. After their recent free-to-download EP release, Bone Cult have begun playing across the UK to enthralled audiences.

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